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International Biscuit Festival 2014 Biscuit Baking Contest Winners Announced

The International Biscuit Festival has announced the winners of the 2014 Biscuit Baking Contest, held May 17, 2014 in downtown Knoxville.  Erin Carlini was named Grand Champion of the Southern Biscuit® Flour Biscuit Baking Contest.  Her “Chesapeake Bay Biscuit” won over eleven other competitors and topped the Special category competition.


2014 Biscuit Bake-Off Grad Champion Erin Carlini

2014 Southern Biscuit® Flour Biscuit Baking Grand Champion: Erin Carlini

The other category winners were Heather Thacker in the Savory category, with her Marcona Crumble & Candied Bacon Biscuit; an Orange Spice Cardamom Delight Biscuit by Paige Sandbank in the Sweet category; and Auden’s Sausage Smasher Biscuit by Auden Cole in the Student category.


Beginning in February of this year, Biscuit bakers from across the country submitted recipes in four contest categories: Sweet Biscuits, Savory Biscuits, Special Biscuits and Student Biscuits. The top three finalists in each category were chosen to bake live in front of a panel of celebrity judges and an audience of Biscuit lovers.  The Grand Prize Winner was chosen from the winners of the four Biscuit categories.


The complete results are:

Grand Prize Winner –                           Erin Carlini—“Chesapeake Bay Biscuits”


First Place – Special Category            Erin Carlini- “Chesapeake Bay Biscuits”

Second Place – Special Category        Bryan Maness- “The Haughty Hillbilly Biscuit”

Third Place – Special Category           Sam Thompson- “Stumbling Angel”


First Place – Student Category           Auden Cole- “Auden’s Sausage Smasher Biscuits”

Second Place – Student Category       Nathaniel Aberdeen- “Nathaniel’s Gluten Free Biscuits”

Third Place – Student Category          Anna Wysmierski- “The Cookie Biscuit”


First Place – Savory Category             Heather Thacker- “Marcona Crumble & Candied Bacon Biscuit”

Second Place – Savory Category        Felice Bogus- “Mama’s Sweet Blues Biscuits”

Third Place – Savory Category           Wendy Perry- “Oinkers”


First Place – Sweet Category              Paige Sandbank- “Orange Spice Cardamom Delights”

Second Place – Sweet Category          Jackie Garvin- “Chocolate Chip Biscuits with Strawberry Cream Cheese Filling and Chocolate Glaze

Third Place – Sweet Category             Julie Morrison- “Gluten Free Salted Caramel Pecan Biscuit”


The International Biscuit Festival Biscuit Baking Contest seeks biscuit recipes in four categories: Savory Biscuits, Sweet Biscuits, Special Biscuits, and Student Biscuits (Students must be 18 years of age or under).

Each submitted recipe must include U.S. standard measurements, complete preparation instructions, cooking times and temperatures, number of servings, and any special utensils or cookware.


2014 Grand Champion Erin Carlini’s Chesapeake Bay Biscuit


The Biscuit Baking Contest entry period begins February 1, 2015, at midnight Eastern Time and ends April 20, 2015, at midnight Eastern Time. There are two ways to enter:

Click here to download the application:Biscuit Baking Contest Application

1) By mail: Send your completed entry form, including recipe, and photo of Biscuit, in English, legibly written, in an envelope with First Class Postage to International Biscuit Festival, 522 South Gay Street, Suite 001, Knoxville, TN  37902. Mail-in entries must be postmarked by April 20, 2015.

2) By e-mail: Send your completed entry form, including recipe, and photo of Biscuit, in English, attached to an e-mail to E-mail entries must be received by April 20, 2015.


Contest is open to all residents of the United States and D.C.  You may enter more than one recipe.


Baking Contest Judges

2014 Judges Left to Right: Mary Constantine, Chef John Currence, Lisa Donovan, Carrie Morey, & Janet Testerman

Entries will be judged initially based on the entry form and recipe of biscuit by a qualified panel of judges. Finalists in all four categories will prepare biscuits at the Biscuit Baking Contest on May 16, 2015 starting at 12noon in the Biscuit Big Top Tent on Market Street between Clinch Avenue and Church Street.  A qualified panel of judges will select the Finalists, who will be notified by phone call or e-mail by May 1, 2015. All potential finalists (or finalist’s parent/legal guardian if finalist is a minor) will be required to sign an affidavit of eligibility and liability release and, where legal, publicity release. If any finalist fails to return the completed documents within the time allowed, or is found ineligible, or does not comply with the Official Rules, then the finalist will be disqualified, and an alternate may be selected. Finalist status and prizes are non-transferable.

Only one individual per entry may compete at the Biscuit Baking Contest on May 16, 2015; no teams or groups will be permitted. All finalists must participate in the Biscuit Baking Contest on May 16, 2015 to be eligible to win a prize. If a finalist is unable to participate in the Biscuit Baking Contest on May 16, 2015, or otherwise does not comply with the Official Rules, an alternate finalist may be selected, time permitting. All finalists will also have to make themselves available for media interviews and public relations events. All groceries and kitchen equipment, except a stove, needed by the finalists for recipe preparation at the festival are the responsibility of the finalists. Each finalist will be responsible for his or her own travel and lodging arrangements.


First place winners in each category will be awarded prizes worth up to $300. Second place winners in each category will be awarded prizes worth up to $200. Third place winners in each category will be awarded prizes worth up to $100. A Grand Prize winner will also be declared. All prizes will be awarded May 16, 2015. Contest void where prohibited by law. All federal, state and local laws apply. Contestants agree to be quoted and/or photographed and to use of their names, photographs and recipes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many times may I enter the Biscuit Baking Contest?
You may enter as many recipes as you would like. Keep in mind that you must come to the Biscuit Baking Contest on Saturday, May 16th, 2015 to prepare your recipe or recipes if you are a finalist in any of the categories.

I am a professional baker. Can I enter the Biscuit Baking Contest?
Yes. You do need to know that you will be required to let the International Biscuit Festival use your name,
photographs of you, quotes from you and your recipe in any International Biscuit Festival publicity.

My young child wants to enter the Biscuit Baking Contest. If he/she is a finalist, can I help during the contest?
No. Your child must be able to prepare, bake and present his/her Biscuits by him or herself. You, of course, may offer encouragement from the sidelines.

My twelve year old has a very creative Biscuit recipe. Does it have to be entered in the Student category?
No. Enter the category in which you want the recipe to be judged.

If I am a finalist, how much preparation can I do in advance?
You may pre-measure all of your ingredients which include any chopping, slicing or dicing needed. Do be prepared to bring all of your ingredients (e.g. butter for brushing on top of Biscuits, etc). Be prepared to tell the judges, if asked during the judging, any brands or specifics of ingredients that you used.

If I am a finalist, what equipment do I need to bring to the Biscuit Baking Contest?
You need to bring any and all equipment needed to prepare and present your Biscuits. The International Biscuit Festival is only providing a preparation table, water for cleaning, and ovens.

What will the Biscuit Baking Contest judges be looking for?
Judges will be looking for delicious, well-presented Biscuits.  Some finalists choose to arrange their finished Biscuits in attractive serving settings.

How long should I plan on being at the Biscuit Baking Contest if I am a finalist?
The hours of the Biscuit Baking Contest are 12 pm until 5 pm. The order of the categories competing are (1) Student, (2) Savory, (3) Sweet, and (4) Special. You will be given a schedule ahead of time, but keep in mind that should you win first place in your category, you will need to stay since your recipe may be awarded Grand Prize Winner at the conclusion of the Biscuit Baking Contest. If your recipe does not win first place, you may wish to go and enjoy all the other great activities of the International Biscuit Fest.


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